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How to Make Your Website More Effective?

What’s the use of Developing an Existing Website?

It is no longer practical to finish something at once and carry out a thorough update or revamp every 3 to 5 years. Instead, you should start with a version 1.0, which you can gradually develop towards the best end results. The development process provides the opportunity to analyse the behaviour of website visitors and to build the website in a way that better supports the visitors’ needs.

My blog contains a description of the type of development typically carried out and the benefits of continuous development.

Tools Supporting Development Work

The development of a website can be supported by a variety of tools. We at Verkkoasema use analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which allow us to study the website’s users and their user experience. In addition to these, we can illustrate the routes of visitors with the Hotjar tool, which illustrates users’ progress on the website by saving the screen. We monitor search engine discoverability with the Cuutio tool, analyse the website’s technology with Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and study the link situation with MajesticSEO. We also analyse the efficacy of visitor paths with the analytics tools and with marketing automation tools. For a more comprehensive analysis, we use the SiteImprove tool, which analyses the website and searches for errors with an impact on the website’s usability, search engine discoverability and accessibility.

You can read more about digital marketing tools in Tiina’s blog on marketing technologies.

Marketing a Website

It is typical for the marketing to be entirely unfinished when the website is published. The search engine optimisation can be continued once the website has been published. You should also update Google Ads and any social media advertising to support the new website structure. Marketing automation tools require an ample amount of effective content to work, and you can achieve the best end result by optimising the automation on the basis of lead behaviour.

The build-up of marketing often reveals shortcomings in the new website as well: you may need new elements to page templates or entirely new landing pages and campaign pages. The development process allows you to respond to needs of this kind, and the new website will come to provide better support for the business objectives.

Developing the Website Content

You often end up creating new pages for a website and especially changing the content of pages after the publishing of a new website. This is why it is important to monitor the site for any broken links and typos, or missing h1 headings, metadescriptions or titles in terms of new pages. In respect of the website’s loading time, it is important to keep an eye on the pages and ensure that they do not contain images or other media files which are too big. All of the aforementioned errors can be found and located with the SiteImprove tool.

Achieve Your Goals With Digital Marketing

To achieve the best result with digital marketing, everything needs to work together. You must reach new, potential customer online – be that through search engines, social media or, say, Google’s display network. Instead of the website’s front page, they must be led to the website’s landing page or, in other words, directly to the topic which led them to click on your ad or a search result. On the landing page, they must be convinced with effective content and given the chance to leave their contact details. Once that contact takes place, the process must furthermore continue in the appropriate manner, supported by marketing automation tools, for example. The communication must also continue even after the deal is done, because the objective is to contribute to future purchasing transactions, too, and end up with a customer satisfied enough to recommend the company to others.

The Enhancement of Operations

Sometimes the achievement of the most effective end result requires software development on a wider scale. You may want to transfer a lead which meets certain criteria automatically from the marketing automation tool to your CRM system, in which case you will need a one- or two-way integration between the systems. In addition, a company’s internal communication can be enhanced with an intranet or the communication with customers with the help of an extranet. You may also discover a need to complement your website with a web store capability, to be able to sell gift cards or documents, for example. In some cases, you may prefer a counter instead, which allows your customers to order cost estimates sent to their email addresses. Software development of this kind is also possible, and very typical, in the development of a website.

If you need a partner with a wide range of services for the development of your website, take a closer look at our MIT service.

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