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DiamondCRM – Sales and Marketing Together!

The modern and easy-to-use DiamondCRM can be rolled out rapidly. The CRM is available as a cloud service, but a completely independent installation, which enables superb scalability according to future needs. The CRM’s properties can also be tailored customer-specifically. DiamondCRM is suitable even for the needs of bigger organisations, while still being one of the most affordable options on the market!


  1. The system bends according to your needs, and not the other way around: Separate installation enables scalability and customisation in the future.
  2. You will save money: The user-specific price is reasonable.
  3. You will save time: DiamondCRM can be directly linked to the ActiveCampaign and WordPress systems, meaning that you can view the leads received through your website and marketing automation in your CRM.
  4. In the future, marketing and sales will speak the same language: DiamondCRM combines the tools of marketing and sales, making measurements possible right until the end of the sales process.
  5. You will save your nerves: DiamondCRM’s user interface is modern and very easy to use. It is also convenient as a mobile version – you can it use while on the road.

DiamondCRM Includes:

  • A dashboard and instant reports
  • Business and personal data register
  • Events/tasks
  • Leads/sales projects/special offers
  • References
  • Agreements
  • Campaigns
  • Projects
  • Extremely effective search functions


EUR 99 per month (including licences for 5 users)

  • Additional licences: 5 users / EUR 75 / per month.
  • One user licence always includes 2 GB of memory in DiamondCRM.
  • The deployment project includes classifications, configurations, training and data migrations. The one-time cost is EUR 2,400.
  • The prices are exclusive of value added tax.

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Our Marketing IT service is not focused on a channel. Rather, we offer consulting as an hourly resource. This means that there is no need for you to purchase a Google Ads campaign, search engine optimisation, a social media campaign or website alterations separately, instead of which all of that can be covered by a single agreement with the same supplier.

When you bundle up digital marketing means, the results also improve, because the big picture is under control and your marketing measures are guided by clear goals. Your MIT team will be composed of digital marketing consultant and programme developers.

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