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Intranet means a website aiming to help employees in their work. If you want to make the website accessible to external parties, such as partnership networks, the correct term is extranet.

What is an Intranet Needed For?

Traditionally, the intranet has been a company’s internal communication channel and data repository and sometimes, unfortunately, even a massive “black hole” of data. At its best, the intranet is nevertheless so well designed and executed that the user thinks that it genuinely helps them to do their job and find the information they need. This, in turn, enhances the company’s operations.

The intranet provides the company with a tool important for its management – that is, the dashboard. It describes the efficiency of the company, or a particular function, in a visual format. The dashboard can display key performance indicators (KPIs), which measure how efficiently the company is moving towards its goals.

The intranet can also be used in the digitalisation of the company’s processes. The employees have the chance to access their own digital workspace regardless of time or place. This makes operations more efficient, given that the required information is available immediately and not only at the office. The digital workspace is also a better alternative in terms of information security than sending attachments via email. The intranet facilitates document management in other respects as well, by providing an efficient search function and a structured and uniform way for saving files.

Nowadays, the intranet allows the use of many features familiar from social media. In this case, we are talking about a social intranet. A social intranet facilitates communication between the personnel, thereby reducing, for example, the company’s internal email traffic. A social intranet can also include a chat function and various groups providing support for teams.

Kick Off Your Project

The cooperation begins with a mapping phase during which we find out your needs in terms of the intranet. At this phase, we can help you with accounts of the good and bad experiences we’ve come across. The mapping phase includes the selection of the implementation platform. In addition, you need to decide whether to employ cloud services or get your own platform. We make this decision in cooperation with you, according to your intranet requirements and budget.

In the definition phase we specify the functions responding to the needs discovered during the previous phase. In other words, we draw up a “wireframe model” of sorts for each function and prepare written descriptions of them.

The design phase is not always that different from the equivalent phase in a website project. The design of the front pgae dashboard is given the greatest weight. At this point, we also design the functionalities of various applications and integrations into other systems. The intranet’s data content can be retrieved from the company’s CRM and ERP systems, for example. In addition, we establish how to implement logins, user roles and groups, and so forth. Although the design of the intranet’s look is not usually given much weight, this doesn’t mean that we would not invest in the design of functionalities.

The technical implementation begins with the installation of the engine. The progress of the delivery will be reviewed and iterated for a few times, because you cannot know whether the delivery meets the original requirements before you have seen the end result. At the same time, the system is tested and supplemented with the appropriate content.

The next step is the system’s installation in the live environment. Before that, we install a server environment, if necessary. Following this, we import enough content for testing to the intranet, after which the actual testing begins.

In connection with the roll-out, we organise training graduated training for main users and the people engaged in smaller maintenance work. Finally, before the roll-out, we import the content. After this, the intranet will be ready for use.

Intrexx Intranet

Intrexx’s strengths are its ease of use as well as extremely extensive and flexible integration possibilities. If your company uses, say, SAP software or Microsoft SharePoint, the data they contain is easily integrated into the Intrexx intranet. Intrexx allows for the implementation of a social intranet and digital workspace, among other things. The intranet’s view is scaled according to the size of the terminal device, due to which it is also comfortable to use on tablets and smart phones. The implementation can also account for the company’s visual look, colours and fonts included. If the company also needs to share information with partners, for example, an extranet can be implemented.

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Intrexx allows for the implementation of, for instance:

We implemented an Intrexx ERP system for the Management Institute of Finland (MIF). Read the whole case and get familiar with the many opportunities offered by Intrexx.


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Social Intranet

Intrexx Digital Workplace

MIF – Symphony Intrexx case

Symphony Intrexx, the ERP system implemented on Intrexx, has approximately 100 users across three different companies. The user companies are the MIF and Tieturi Oy, both part of Soprano Group, and Informator, Tieturi’s subsidiary in Sweden, which deployed the system in summer 2018.

Thanks to Intrexx, we’ve managed to cut down the number of the systems to only a handful. Our employees are more efficient now that different tasks can be carried out in a single system and some of them have been automated. Given that the system is our own, we can have changes made to it very flexibly and…