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Marketing IT – Your Expert on Digital Marketing

The number of modern marketing means and channels is vast. For you to be able to raise your marketing or sales to the next level, you should switch from irregular campaigning to a more durable and specialised operating model. Results are achieved where goals meet the right measures. We do not construct individual campaigns. Rather, we help you to achieve results in line with your goals.

Our MIT Service can Include:

  1. Reaching a target group
    • Search engine optimisation and search engine advertising
    • Building social media visibility
  2. Attracting and engaging potential customers
    • The building of a website that serves its purpose
    • The testing and development of existing web pages
    • The production of content that interests customers
    • The construction of an inbound marketing model and content construction
  3. Activation and the gathering of leads
    • Landing pages and CTA scores
    • Content marketing (quick guides, courses, white papers)
  4. Lead nurturing and conversion into customer accounts
    • The deployment of marketing automation
    • Email marketing
    • Remarketing
  5. The enhancement of operations
    • Enhancing the cooperation of sales and marketing with the help of CRM

The goals determine both the content and duration of the service. With this operating model, we can promise you results. If your goals are clear or if you want to test our skills in terms of website revamping alone, we recommend our Website Renovation service as a solution. Following a successful website project, the MIT service allows for the easy continuation of development in line with your goals.

In-house or Outsourced?

The advantage offered by the MIT service is that you have the industry’s most skilled experts at your disposal with considerably less expense than if they were on your payroll. We promise that our expertise is of an unsurpassed level and at the vanguard of continuous development. The service also includes various tools of modern marketing, the licence fees of which are included in the service price. The deployment of the MIT service provides your company with know-how and tools which guarantee the raised level of sales and marketing you hope to achieve!

Help on Demand!

The service has been tested by tens of companies and entrepreneurs. Their needs have varied from one situation to the next, but the results have been similar.

“Verkkoasema really managed to take us by surprise. We weren’t expecting anything of this standard, moreover implemented at this speed. This is something completely different compared to our previous experiences.” Samuli Mikkonen, Suomen Juristit

Examples of Our Existing Services:

No-one at the company was in charge of marketing. Reaching and engaging the right target group was the company’s primary goal. The MIT service involved search engine optimisation, website development and the production of content customers found interesting.

This was the company’s very first investment in marketing, aside from a few trade fair events. The grapevine has served as the customer acquisition channel. The goal was to reach the target group online and to generate growth thereby. The MIT service came to include the creation of the company’s story and look, the design of content that inspired customers, a website revamp and the adoption of selected social media channels.


The monthly charge for the Marketing IT service is determined according to the agreement’s duration. The service content is always defined in the context of the kick-off and reviewed every three months. Agreements of a longer term guarantee commitment and systematic efforts toward the desired goals.

MIT prices start from EUR 1,790 per month


Would You Like to Hear More?

We at Verkkoasema will help you to pack some power into your digital marketing! Would you like to talk about the topic in more detail? Contact us.

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