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MIF – Symphony Intrexx

The Management Institute of Finland (MIF) is a training and coaching organisation focused on the development of future competence. A number of different brands operate under MIF. In 2016, MIF’s employees came to the conclusion that they needed a software that would allow for task management from a single location. The aim was to find a system that would reduce manual work and digitalise all data related to recurring core functions and processes to a single location.
MIF’s choice of the platform for the system settled on Intrexx, and the project with Verkkoasema was kicked off in October 2016, with the needs specifications and design. Roll-out began in April 2017 with the migration of existing data to the new system. After roll-out, the project has continued in the form of iterative development and the delpoyment of new sections.
Symphony Intrexx, the ERP system implemented on Intrexx, has approximately 100 users across three different companies. The user companies are the MIF and Tieturi Oy, both part of Soprano Group, and Informator, Tieturi’s subsidiary in Sweden, which deployed the system in summer 2018.

Symphony Takes Care of Everything

Symphony Intrexx was integrated to the CRM system used by the customer, thereby making it a seamless part of the stack which keeps a record of the company’s corporate customers and customer contacts as well as events and their participants. The training sessions sold by the company’s sales reps and bought through its web store move directly from CRM to the system as orders. Intrexx has also been integrated with Office 365, due to which the calendars of the coaches in all units and the calendars of the training facilities remain up to date. The system sends automatic messages via email to the participants and coaches prior to their particular training sessions and feedback questionnaires after the sessions. Billing can also be done with Intrexx, given that it has been integrated to be compatible with the customer’s financial administration software. The various reports offered by Indrexx produce information in support of the management.

EsaLahtela”Thanks to Intrexx, we’ve managed to cut down the number of the systems to only a handful. Our employees are more efficient now that different tasks can be carried out in a single system and some of them have been automated. Given that the system is our own, we can have changes made to it very flexibly and, should we want to, we can carry out improvements in the system ourselves. Verkkoasema has been able to supply even this large-scale project in an agile and cost-effective manner.” – Esa Lahtela, tietohallintojohtaja, Soprano Oyj.

Intrexx is a Flexible Platform

  • Intrexx is an easy-to-use progamme. It has extremely extensive and flexible integration possibilities.
  • Intrexx allows us to implement a social intranet or digital workspace for your company.
  • Intrexx’s appearance is easily modifiable, and will conform to your company’s visual look, right down to the fonts. It is also scalable according to a device’s size, making tablet and mobile use convenient as well.

Interested? Take a look at Intrexxin demo portal and read more about our intranet solutions!

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