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Näkemystehdas MBE – A Web Service That Supports the Core Message

We renovated the web service of our partner, Näkemystehdas MBE,and achieved a fantastic end result with our collaboration. The strong look and content of the website was the responsibility of Näkemystehdas, while Verkkoasema took care of the technical work. The website was implemented with the content management system WordPress. The project continues at Verkkoasema with the development of the marketing automation tool Active Campaign and by ensuring search engine discoverability with the help of search engine optimisation and Google Ads advertising.

The website’s construction was based on the company’s core message, which the company had worked on prior to the commencement of the website project. Thanks to this background work, the entire team was more prepared to picture a visitor’s purchasing path and we were able to enhance its progress in a more all-round manner in line with the REANE-model.

More Online Sales

One of the project’s key objectives was to increase online sales. Regarding Näkemystehdas MBE, the practical implication of this is that the web service would be able to produce at least warm leads for sales.

Our task was to ensure, in accordance with the REANE model, that we reach potential customers efficiently through search engines (search engine optimisation and Google Ads marketing) and social media channels. In addition, we created loadable material for the site, aiming to capture visitors’ contact details more efficiently than before. Finally, the project involved the deployment of a marketing automation system, which automated the dispatch of the ordered materials and the following interaction points as the automation progresses.

Measurement of Results

Everything in digital marketing can be measured, as long as you have functional analytics tools at your disposal. In addition, the collected data must be actively analysed and used. We moved the Google Analytics from Näkemystehdas MBE’s previous website to the new one and also created an account in Search Console, to enable an analysis of the progress made in the search engine optimisation.

During the month when the new website was launched, it received 42.99% more visitors than the old site, and the proportion of new visitors grew by 42.03% compared to the corresponding period the year before. The average duration of a session grew by 20.48% from the previous year and the immediate exit rate remained around 50%.

Great Results Through Collaboration

”“Our website is a technically complex structure given how multifaceted our wishes were. We also wanted them to be visually impressive, without compromising on usability. Verkkoasema’s skilled programmers were nevertheless able to come up with solutions for the most demanding issues. We’re extemely happy with all of the numerous possibilities for using the website as support for our sales organisation. For our part, the job isn’t finished yet, and we’ll continue the optimisation and development in cooperation with Verkkoasema, to keep on achieving even better results. Communication with Verkkis is easy and they’ve also challenged us to a sufficient extent to create even smarter solutions.” says Minttu Murtomäki, Managing Director of Näkemystehdas MBE.

Thank you Minttu and the entire MBE team – it was our pleasure!

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