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Tailored Series of Training Sessions

Including Face-to-face Coaching and Webinars

Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Kylät ry is a registered association tasked with promoting village activities in the region of northern Ostrobothnia and to serve as a regional communication and liaison channel. The association works in close cooperation with local organisations and villages, and one of its key objectives is to build a lasting channel between village and municipal decision-makers.

In the spring of 2018, Verkkoasema organised a tailored series of training sessions, face-to-face coaching and webinars for Rajaton Verkosto, a joint initiative of Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Kylät ry and Kainuun Nuotta ry. The trainers were Riikka Pohjanen, Verkkoasema’s Digital Marketing Director, and Elina Kylmäluoma, the company’s Digital Marketing Consultant.

Verkkoasema held five face-to-face training sessions and ten webinars for our project, according to themes we had hoped for – video connections, cloud services, and the utilisation of web pages and web stores, newsletters and social media, as well as videos. All of our communication with Verkkoasema in our capacity as the client was always smooth, flexible and happy – the cooperation was excellent, and we could not be happier with the service we received. Riikka and Elina extremely well-informed, clearly worded, positive and encouraging in their capacity as trainers. Based on these characteristics, I am very happy to recommend Verkkoasema,” says Maarit Vuorela, Project Manager of the Rajaton Verkosto initiative.

The series of training sessions was kicked off and concluded with face-to-face training sessions held in Oulu, Pudasjärvi and Haapavesi. A total of ten webinars were organised in between the face-to-face sessions. The people who participated in the trainign sessions hailed from all over northern Ostrobothnia, which is why the webinar implementation served everyone in the most equal manner. The participants got to keep the training material after the training concluded. The initiative also ordered recordings of the webinars, which could be viewed later by those who were unable to attend the live event. The recordings and materials also garnered plenty of praise, and some of the participants mentioned watching the webinars as refreshers and for revision, given the wealth of information provided in the actual sessions.

Feedback from participants:

“This was good training, well worth the time! I learned a lot during the training, and the trainer was very clear worded and good!”

“It’s great that you’re recording the webinars. There’s a lot of new information there, and I think Riikka delivers the training very clearly.”

“The best thing about the training was the overall content and the trainer’s clarity.”

Thank you, Riikka, for the excellent, clear and well-informed training! I’ve learned a lot!”

“Thank you for the training, which was delivered in a method completely new to me. It provided a guy like myself, of advanced years, with new information, albeit always with a slight delay. It’s good that the material is avilable for later reference.”

“This was good training, well worth the time! I learned a lot of new things during the training, and the trainer was very clear worded and good!”

“This was the first time I heard about cloud services as a whole. So far at work, we’ve only taken ‘nibbles’ of the concept, according to the need at any given time, and the big picture has remained very unclear indeed.”

Interested? Let’s tailor training suitable for you as well. Our experienced trainers will introduce you to everything from search engine optimisation, and social media marketing to websites.


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