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Website Renovation

Website Renovation– Efficiently and Productively

Do you know what the customer experience you provide online is like? Can you tell me what kinds of interfaces there are between you and customer, and what kinds of feelings and problems your customer may be struggling with?

If you don’t or can’t, how will you be able to develop and update your web service in such a way that your customer’s experience of your business improves significantly?

Unsuccessful website projects are typically characterised by a headlong rush into the project with no background information or justification for what is fundamentally wrong from your customer’s point of view. We will renovate your website from head to toe, successfully and on schedule. Our service helps you to avoid pitfalls and get your development project to the finish line successfully. Focus on the issues which are out of joint, not the ones which already work.

A Website Renovation is the Sum of Things

A successful website renovation or revamp is the sum of its parts: in addition to information architecture, visual design, technical production and testing, a successful website update requires plenty of content production and marketing. During the twenty years of our operation, we have created a model in which we account for all these phases and thanks to which we are able to implement websites efficiently and comprehensively.

The adjacent column contains more details on the phases involved in a website renovation.

We recommend that you follow your website update with our carefree MIT service (prices start from EUR 1,790 per month), which covers a wide range of digital marketing measures. In addition, we offer website maintenance following a website project at prices starting from EUR 109 per month. The service includes web hosting and a web service update six times a year.

We Provide Help in Website Renovations

We will help you to get your web service revamp to the finish line in one go! Get in touch with us and we’ll talk more.

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The Website Delivery Process and the Prices of Phases

1. Design phase, EUR 4,900

The design phase includes conceptualisation, information architecture and visual design. The conceptualisation is carried out in the form of a workshop, which is prepared for with a preliminary questionnaire.

2. Production phase, EUR 5,000 – 15,000

The production phase involves the website’s technical implementation according to plan. The website is tested thoroughly and reviewed in cooperation with the customer.

3. Roll-out phase, EUR 2,000 – 5,000

The roll-out phase covers the input of final contents and any necessary finalisations and repairs. This phase also includes the user training related to the website and the website’s publishing.

4. Marketing phase, EUR 2,500

The new website must be marketed. This is why the website revamp covers the following measures:

  • Search engine optimisation, including keyword analysis, the structure’s search engine optimisation, technical search engine optimisation and optimisation in connection with the publishing.
  • The visual look of social media channels will be updated to correspond with the website’s new look. The establishment of any new social media accounts is also included in the price.
  • The installation of the Google Analytics and Search Console tools in the website.

5. Sales phase, EUR 2,500

If you want to support your sales with marketing automation implemented on your website, it will be designed and implemented in the context of the website project. The selected marketing automation will be deployed and integrated into the website. The message template and the first automations will also be created.  The price is exclusive of the licence fees of the selected marketing automation.

6. Content production phase, EUR 5,000

The content of a website plays an important role in the achievement of the set goals. The content must interest and engage the customer and be suitable for the customer’s purchasing phase. We will produce content for ten landing pages or a guide (350 words), for instance, with the help of interviews.

Our Marketing IT Service Provides You With More

Our Marketing IT service is not focused on a channel. Rather, we offer consulting as an hourly resource. This means that there is no need for you to purchase a Google Ads campaign, search engine optimisation, a social media campaign or website alterations separately, instead of which all of that can be covered by a single agreement with the same supplier.

When you bundle up digital marketing means, the results also improve, because the big picture is under control and your marketing measures are guided by clear goals. Your MIT team will be composed of digital marketing consultant and programme developers.

Take a closer look at our MIT service!